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Over the years, teeth accumulate discolouration which is difficult to remove by cleaning.

Tooth whitening

This is a specialized technique that removes the teeth discolouration and provides a full, white smile. The materials used by dentists are safe and do not interfere with the structure of the tooth, but only the color. Bleaching is performed only on natural teeth. This method does not whiten porcelain veneers, cases or resins.
Whitening is performed only on natural teeth. This method does not whiten porcelain caps, cases or resins.

How does whitening take place?

Depending on the case, whitening can be carried out in the surgery with the help of LASER or at home using special splints.
Usually, the dentist provides the patient with two soft splints, which are specially made for him, to apply to the upper and lower jaw. A special gel is placed on these and they are worn a few hours a day for 7-12 days.
In quite a few cases, supplementary treatment using a LASER device is needed and can be carried out with 2-3 visits to the surgery.

And the result?

ΤThe results of the treatment depend on the structure of the tooth and the causes of the discoloration.
Using the photo-activated whitening method with the LASER, we usually get teeth which are 8 tones whiter on the vita scale.
Teeth which undergo a whitening process will always be whiter and brighter than before. In some cases, regular maintenance is needed to preserve the results. This can be carried out simply at the same time as the regular dental check-up.
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