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Terms of Use

The company with the brand name “DENT4ALL ΟΔΟΝΤΙΑΤΡΙΚΗ ΜΕΡΙΜΝΑ” created the website to inform the visitors/users.
The access and the use of this website are subjected to these Terms of Use and all applicable laws and regulations. Please read carefully the following information, for your own safety, before using the website.
By using the website, it is assumed that you have read, understood and accepted without limitation these Terms of Use. Otherwise please exit the website.
DENT4ALL ΟΔΟΝΤΙΑΤΡΙΚΗ ΜΕΡΙΜΝΑ is entitled to change any time and without warning the present Terms of Use, however the company is committed to update the present text for any modification or addendum.
There are information in the website for health issues, existing approved therapies and new scientific data. These information must not be used to diagnosing health problems, fitness or diseases. The visitor/user should consult a doctor or another professional in the health’s sector.
All the content that is contained in the website (indicatively signs, photos, texts, videos and all the similar documents) are intellectual property of DENT4ALL ΟΔΟΝΤΙΑΤΡΙΚΗ ΜΕΡΙΜΝΑ and are protected by relevant provisions. This content cannot be part of commerce, copyright, modification, reproduction, imitation and broadcast or cannot be transmitted or distributed by any way from any visitor/user.
DENT4ALL OΔΟΝΤΙΑΤΡΙΚΗ ΜΕΡΙΜΝΑ will put any possible effort for the website’s maintenance and availability, as well as the accuracy and the reliability of the information that will be provided through this. It is the company’s right to modify and interrupt temporarily or permanently the whole or part of the website with or without warning to the users, given that the availability might be affected by the users’ equipment, by other communication networks, or by the huge amount of people who try to use the website or by any other causes.
In any case DENT4ALL ΟΔΟΝΤΙΑΤΡΙΚΗ ΜΕΡΙΜΝΑ maintains the right to cut off temporarily or permanently the whole or part of the website’s operation for maintenance or upgrade or for any other reason. The users accept the above. DENT4ALL ΟΔΟΝΤΙΑΤΡΙΚΗ ΜΕΡΙΜΝΑ will overcome any possible effort to protect the website from digital viruses, however cannot guarantee that will not be affected by virus. Therefore every user must take care of his own protection (using antivirus, virus scanner or other protective systems), before entering the website or saving information, software or content in their PC.
This website might contain links or references to other websites. The whole control does not belong to DENT4ALL OΔΟΝΤΙΑΤΡΙΚΗ ΜΕΡΙΜΝΑ. Suck kind of links are exclusively offered for facilitation reasons and complete updating. Similarly, access in the website can be achieved through links that exist in third party websites that are not managed by DENT4ALL OΔΟΝΤΙΑΤΡΙΚΗ ΜΕΡΙΜΝΑ. The company does not guarantee for the value of information, the accuracy or the completeness of information that are concluded in these sites and does not have responsibility for any damage or loss caused by the content or the contained information. Any third party link contained in the website does not mean that is recommended, accepted or approved by DENT4ALL ΟΔΟΝΤΙΑΤΡΙΚΗ ΜΕΡΙΜΝΑ.
We inform you that according to the law N. 2472/97 we keep your personal data in our archive and you can have access to them according to the law. With respect to the personal data security principle, the company is restricted using them for the customers’ service.
More detailed:
-What do we collect?
The network servers collect the web addresses of the visitors/users. These data are not used for the recognition or the identification of the users, but are reclaimed in order to evaluate the publicity of the website through the visits.
There are unities in the website, that the submission of some data is necessary in order for the visitor/user to be able to use some services. These data are given from the visitors/users and contain the name, the surname, the email and the telephone number. We do not collect and elaborate sensitive data.
-How do we use these data?
These data are used only for the management and reservation of your online appointment and do not transfer to others. The data are also used for the improvement of our services through your feedback. Periodically we can send you after your approval of course newsletters informing you of our services.
-How do you stay safe?
The site is committed to lasting efforts updating the privacy policy and security of its content. In any case you can request instant delete of your personal data that you had submitted in the past.
DENT4ALL ΟΔΟΝΤΙΑΤΡΙΚΗ ΜΕΡΙΜΝΑ might be using cookies for the recognition of the visitor/user. Cookies are small text files that are saved in the visitor’s/user’s hard drive, they ignore any documents or files from their computer and are used only for the visitor’s/user’s early access in specific services, as well as for statistic reasons, in order to find the website’s locations that seem popular or for marketing reasons. The visitors/users can adjust their browser, so they cannot receive cookies. In this case the visitors/users will not be able to have access in these services.