Dental repair

    When there is insufficient bone volume, then modern rehabilitation techniques need to be applied, either before implant placement or even at the time of implant placement. The case dealt with by our team illustrates how we manage complex problems of a biological nature.

    A patient of 20 years old came to our clinic after a violent accident. Upon impact, he lost both anterior teeth, while fractures were caused in the buccal wall and the two teeth sockets.

    • We maintained the volume of the sockets stable with bone grafts and membranes, despite the fractures of the buccal walls.
    • After four months, we placed two implants accompanied by new bone grafts and absorbable membrane.
    • The total time for the osseointegration of the implants was chosen to be 6 months.
    • Afterwards, we restored the gum area with connective tissue grafts from the palate, gaining considerable volume, which is necessary with regard to the aesthetic appearance of the prostheses and for the stability of implant-supported work over time (changing the gum tissue biotype).
    • Finally, ceramic crowns were bonded on individual zirconium abutments, of the procera type, which are manufactured in Sweden.

    The result satisfied the patient who is now on a regular review schedule and following a strict daily oral hygiene program.