Dental repair

In complex cases, even more so with the involvement of implants, we must be methodical through a predetermined set of procedures which guarantee success from the beginning. We are referring to an appropriate treatment plan which has an aesthetically and functionally perfect stomatognathic system as its goal. On the contrary, we often come across, in daily practice, unplanned treatments that may cause disastrous consequences.

A male patient of 47 years of age came to our clinic with two integrated Ankylos implants which had been placed 5 months previously in the upper right area. He wanted to restore them prosthetically without having realised his serious oral problem.

Of course, we should not omit the irresponsibility of the oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) who placed them without having devised a prosthetic restoration plan. Whatever the case, the entirety of the patient’s stomatognathic system had to be restored aesthetically and functionally, without ignoring both of the integrated implants.

  • The old restoration was removed and diagnostic waxing was undertaken.
  • The damaged front teeth were extracted and we proceeded to construct transitional restoration which was evaluated aesthetically and functionally as well as regarding vocalization.
  • Then, the placement of 3 new implants in the anterior region was carried out.
  • After four months, we fitted two crowns screwed onto Ankylos and a bridge for the customized titanium abutments of the Procera type in the three new implants.

The implant restoration gave great satisfaction and confidence to the patient.