Dental repair

    Rampant caries is a certain indication of the need for total oral restoration in order to avoid new larger cavities and tooth fractures.

    A 42 year old male patient with a history of many large fillings visited our clinic wanting to put an end to the formation of new caries which occurred frequently.
    The high risk of possible fractures was another factor that led to a decision to undertake total oral restoration.

    • The position of the mandible in the horizontal and vertical occlusal dimension, when clinically acceptable, is a reference point of the stomatognathic system and functions as a point of stability.
    • The task of the dental team is to preserve this parameter during total oral rehabilitation.
    • The restoration was completed with zirconium bridges to join weak teeth together and porcelain veneers were placed on the lower anterior teeth.

    The total restoration gave great satisfaction and confidence to the patient.

    The canine protected occlusion in eccentric movements suggests a harmonious stomatognathic system.