Dental repair

    In complex cases, even more so with old implant cases, we need to be methodical and have the correct treatment plan in order to achieve an aesthetically and functionally perfect stomatognathic system.
    We often utilize older implants without the occurrence of clinical or radiographic problems.

    A 60 year old male patient came to our clinic with major problems in the upper anterior bridge. He also had 10 year old implants on the right and left and the restorations had broken.
    It was judged that the upper teeth had no chances of survival and implants needed to be placed.
    At the same time, the whole mouth, upper and lower, needed to be restored.

    • An integrated treatment plan was formulated that included increasing the vertical dimension of the face by 2 mm.
    • The increase was achieved using temporary restorations which had been evaluated regarding their oral adaptation to the new position.
    • Then implants were placed in the anterior region.

    Four months later, the completion of prosthetic restoration in the mandible and the old and new implants in the upper jaw, satisfied the patient aesthetically and functionally.