Dental repair

    Taking tetracycline antibiotics early in life can cause the teeth to acquire a grey shade, which is of aesthetic concern to many people.

    A female patient of 48 years old came to our clinic to aesthetically correct an old anterior restoration and at the same time asked for whitening to correct the coloring of the remaining teeth. She had a great desire for a more aesthetic result.

    • We clarified that the gray color was due to tetracycline and it was very difficult to remove with whitening. Additionally, we pointed out the problem was not only the color, but also in the shape of the teeth and the ectopic position of the right canine, as well as the topography of the gum region around the premolars.
    • With plastic gum tissue surgery, we arranged gums in a more aesthetic position around the premolars. With zirconium bridges and porcelain veneers on the lower anterior teeth, we achieved a prosthetic effect which satisfied the patient both functionally and aesthetically.

    The completed restoration gave great satisfaction and confidence to the patient.