Dental repair

    Modern implantology can provide solutions in many cases, but the aesthetic aspect may require the implantologist to carry out complex operations incorporating bone grafts and soft tissue grafts. When teeth can be kept and the restorations are ensured to have a long lifetime, then our opinion regarding the preservation of teeth is unreservedly positive.

    An 18 year old male patient, after a car accident, came to our clinic for implants.
    Because of a gummy smile, thin gum biotype and proximity of two implants, it was judged that the implant treatment would be demanding and might have to include more surgical interventions than usual.
    Forced orthodontic eruption was put forward as a method of approaching the treatment.

    • The endodontic treatment took place as well as a small surgical exposure of the fractured roots.
    • Then, a dowel cast post, with a labial hook was attached to the root in order for forced orthodontic eruption to be applied.
    • The patient was referred to an associate orthodontist who carried out the eruption.
    • In the second phase, we repeated the same procedure on the second root.

    In six months, the orthodontic treatment was completed and finished off with E. Max ceramic crowns, pleasing the patient both aesthetically and functionally.