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Kids Teeth

Paedodontics is the branch of dentistry that is involved with monitoring the health of and dealing with problems concerning the oral cavity of children and adolescents.

Children’s milk teeth are quite different from adult teeth and their oral cavity is constantly changing as the child grows and the baby teeth are lost, giving way to permanent ones. At the same time, the child itself is continuously passing through different stages of development and ability to perceive what is happening in the outside world and awareness of itself. For these reasons it is important that the dentist – child dentist is sensitive, so that communication with the child can be adapted.

At Dent4All Dental Care clinic, the following services are provided:

  • Monitoring the oral health of children aged 3 years and over. We pay special attention to prevention and to the acquisition of proper oral hygiene and dietary habits
  • Placing the child in a preventive dental monitoring program with regular fluoride treatment and covering of pits and fissures in the first permanent teeth (preventive fillings)
  • The treatment of caries in milk and permanent teeth – fillings – milk teeth – root canal therapy – mounting stainless steel crowns
  • The treatment of teeth injuries
kids teeth

At Dent4All Dental Care clinic, we pay particular attention to forming a trusting relationship with the child, so that both a visit for check-up and any dental treatment, are ultimately pleasant experiences!

Preventive dental monitoring program

The objective of a preventive program for children is to prevent dental caries in milk teeth (primary) to begin with and then in permanent teeth, as well as avoiding the appearance of gum disease.
The means at our disposal are regular fluoride treatment, preventive fillings (sealants), checking dietary habits and learning proper oral hygiene, in other words, the correct way to care for teeth daily.

Fluoride Treatment

Children are the first and most important group that should undertake fluoride treatment. It is advisable to start such treatment at three years of age. Fluoride treatment is a simple and safe procedure and is usually done twice a year. In children with an increased risk of dental caries, it should be done 3-4 times a year.

Local fluoride treatment takes place in the surgery with formulations that have a high fluoride content and act differently from fluorinated products used at home, which have a low fluoride content. The aim is to exploit the anti-decay properties of fluoride. The effect of fluoride is mostly local. It is absorbed by the teeth enamel and makes them more resistant to the acids that produce the germs which cause dental caries. Simultaneously, it has a mild antibacterial effect.
The dentist – paediatric dentist either uses fluoride in a gel form that is applied using special trays or as a fluoride varnish which is placed onto the teeth.

Kids Teeth

Preventive fillings or sealants

The first permanent molars appear in the mouth at the age of 6 years and are not replaced again. Therefore, we protect these important teeth with a thin layer of white filling, which covers the pits and fissures of the teeth, i.e. all the surfaces where foods can be trapped and cause the onset of decay. It’s a quick, simple process which is done without the use of a drill and provides significant protection.


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