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Microscopic Dentistry

The development of the dental microscope is a revolutionary innovation in modern dentistry.


Thanks to the precision that our microscope provides, less tooth substance is removed in order to subsequently carry out restoration work.
The great advantage that the dental microscope gives us is that we can see details which we could not distinguish with the naked eye. This is very important in ensuring accurate dental treatment.

Where is microscopic dentistry applied?

The enhanced visibility that the use of a microscope provides makes a difference in the quality of the dental treatment, both in the diagnosis and the therapy. This has affected a wide range of dentistry fields:

  • cosmetic dentistry
  • endodontics
  • diagnostics
  • periodontology
  • implantology

Benefits and Quality

Its contributions to endodontic treatment (root canal therapy) are huge as it helps to find the redundant canals of a tooth and, when reviewed three-dimensionally and in depth, the anatomical specifics of roots, which has great importance in the treatment of root canals and also their filling.

In reconstructive dentistry it helps during the tooth preparation stage, in the thin transition between the tooth and gum.

Dentists using high magnification can diagnose and treat dental cases with greater complexity and are more likely to be certain of the cause of the patient’s symptoms, compared with dentists who simply use the naked eye.

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