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Maria Mitsou Bosman

Graduate of Hamburg Dental School, 1993-1997.

She has worked as a dental technician in Dental Laboratories and Dental Clinics in Germany with a major occupation in the manufacture of metalloceramic and all-ceramic restorations. Additionally she is specialized in Cad-Cam software In Lab & Cerec for the work of Zirkon and Cerec.

Dental laboratory Brahmann Hamburg 1997-1998.

Dental laboratory Prodent Hamburg 1998-2001.

Dental Clinic Borsay Hamburg 2001-2006.

Arjomand Dental Clinic Hamburg 2007-2009.

Dental Clinic ABC-Bogen GmbH & Co KG 2009-2011.

Dental Laboratory Odous lab Agrinio 2011-2017.

Dental Clinic Dent4All Dental Care 2017 up to date.

Additional knowledge:
Highest Diploma in German Language 1997
University of Hamburg sign language learning 2001-2003