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Endodontic treatment (root canal) is a process which is used when there is inflammation of the tooth pulp, which contains the nerve and blood vessels. The aim of the treatment is to restore the health of the tooth in order for it to function properly in the patient’s mouth.

A successful root canal will keep your natural tooth in your mouth forever

Root canal therapy is painless and carried out under local anesthesia

Endodontic treatment saves the tooth from extraction

Why may a tooth need endodontic treatment?

Inside each tooth there is a small chamber and one or more root canals containing a living tissue called “pulp”.
If a tooth has a deep cavity caused by decay or a fracture, the germs of the oral cavity may reach the pulp and cause contamination. Without treatment the infection will progress and lead to destruction of the pulp and the bone that surrounds the roots of the tooth (e.g., an abscess). Pain (often very intense), can occur at any stage of this procedure.

How does endodontic treatment take place?

The purpose of the treatment is the removal of any microbes from the interior of the tooth and the disinfection of the root canals. To achieve this, a hole is drilled in the tooth, the canals are identified and measured, then cleaned and expanded using microscopic tools. The dentist hermetically seals the canals with a special material called gutta percha. The therapy is completed in 2 or maybe even only one session!

Is the treatment painful?

The entire treatment is performed under local anesthesia and all measures are taken in order that the patient feels comfortable during the process. After treatment, the patient is informed how likely any occurrence of pain will be. That pain, when it occurs, is usually mild, short-lived and effectively treated with commonly used painkillers.

Our team deals with root canal cases supported by an invasive microscope, comparable to that used in other medical fields, such as ENT or neurosurgery.

The treatment success rate is very high (95%-99% of cases).


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