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All-Ceramic Restorations

Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic crowns and bridges consist exclusively of ceramic material. They have an excellent appearance and offer you a bright, new smile.

Dental repair

Usually it is necessary to use ceramic restorations when we want to restore the tooth to its original shape, to strengthen a weakened tooth, to close gaps between teeth or to cover teeth that have been stained or faded.
They are long life, as long as the rules of good oral hygiene are maintained.
The process of all-ceramic restorations is completely painless. It takes about three visits to the dentist to complete their placement.

Zirconium Bridges

Zirconium bridges are used in the restoration of one or more lost teeth. Zirconium is a white metal, which has replaced traditional metallic-ceramic bridges, which, over time, display a gray collar around the gums and are responsible for gum allergies. It is very aesthetic, biocompatible and durable.

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